Our Mission

To identify the flower in the bud, to recognize the potential of each child, to appreciate specific and individual requirement, and to respond to it with passion and sensitivity - this is the mission of APS group of Education. We embark on the mission of creating individuals who are confident about their potential, diligent to work towards their goal, sensitive to their environment and above all co-creators of their own destiny.

Our constant endeavour is to enable each child to identify and empathise with the society he belongs to and contribute to it in his own little way. Our aim is to facilitate a child's self-exploration journey as he assumes the role of an individual, a social being and a global citizen.

Our Endeavor

  • To develop in our children a love for learning. To develop a love in our children for learning.
  • To develop well rounded personalities who would be confident, creative and be able to adjust and adapt to any circumstances of environment.
  • To lead by example and be good role models so that our children imbibe our qualities.
  • To create an environment that would be conducive to learning, a place where children are happy to be, a place they take pride in, a place they love and cherish.